This Wine is Dark and Full of Tannins

Game of Thrones wines! Just in time for the finale!

We got our hands on two different GoT wines – the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon. The Pinot Noir, alas, was not to be found locally at the time. But thanks to the fine folks at World Market, we purchased two and have held them until this evening. You can now buy the wines online at, you guessed it: The winemaker is Bob Cabral, highly skilled winemaker of 30 years and elected 2011 Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast magazine. What could have been just a cheaply made marketing gimmick is instead a great product; Bob Cabral is also a die-hard Game of Thrones fan and wanted to do it justice.

The Game of Thrones 2016 Chardonnay pours into the glass as golden as the heads of the Lannister children. Its lovely bouquet of ripe lemons, vanilla, and butter speaks of its Central Coast origins, where fruit ripens fully in the hot sun. On the palate, the same held true; the flavors reveal lots of ripe lemon, a healthy dose of vanilla from oak treatment, and buttery notes from malolactic fermentation. At its budget-friendly price of $18-$20, this wine is enjoyable and ready to play well with foods or be refreshing while drunk on its own. The only teeny downside is in the finish- there is a bit of a slippery lanolin note that makes one think of just a bit of soap. That aside, this is a lively and cheerful white wine that will please anyone who wants to raise a glass against white walkers.

The Game of Thrones 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful crimson color that would make anyone who promised to bring “Fire and Blood” feel like they had immediately delivered 50% of that phrase right away. The label indicates that the fruit is from the Napa Valley, but there is very little other information given on the label, which is dedicated to paying tribute to the Game of Thrones and its many references to wine. It has rich aromas of black fruit, cedar,tobacco and smells delicious. The palate reveals flavors of very juicy black cherries, sweet tobacco, cedar, graphite, and grippy tannins. It has a long, lingering finish that’s not in a hurry to leave. At 13.9% ABV, this wine has enough alcohol to warm up all who are aware that winter is coming. We purchased this wine awhile back at $35; my research today revealed that the price has now gone up to $57. Ouch! Whatever the price point you find listed, this is a bold, flavorful wine that will hold up to whatever meats you are roasting at the victory feast.

Both of these wines are a pleasure to drink and even more fun with GoT enthusiasts. I’m willing to bet that if you took a few bottles to ComicCon, you’d immediately be popular. You could be knighted or even made King of the North! If you have the opportunity to pick up a bottle, go ahead and get some to enjoy with your tribe. Because drinking wine is FUN, remember? Trust me on this – I drink and I know things.

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