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Understanding French Wine Labels

Bonjour!  Yes, that’s me dressed up as Marie Antoinette for Halloween a couple years back.  I have always been a Francophile.  I chose French as my minor in college; and have a genuine love for French art, food, language, culture, and wine.  Knowing French made my journey into the world of wine easier, because so much “winespeak” is in…

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By Jove, I think they’ve got it!

English sparkling wines take their place in the world of quality fizz. Makers of champagne should be afraid. Very afraid. England has been mastering the art of making beautiful sparkling wines and is casting a covetous eye on the crown that has traditionally been worn by the Champagne region. Bold English vintners are making sparkling…

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Wine FAQ’s

Classroom sessions often inspire my writing, because so many interesting questions are frequently posed by my students. Even if we veer off-topic, we cover a lot of broad and basic information, as well as enjoy the occasional hilarious exchange. Here’s a typical assortment of FAQ’s and my responses, which I hope you’ll find both educational and amusing. FAQ: Why…

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